“We can appreciate the trio’s progressive programming choices, blending traditional classical masterworks with much more recent music by current female composers; they are essentially redefining what a chamber music concert should sound like in the twenty-first century, and they are very good at it.” – Erik Abbink, director

Fair Trade Trio returns to champion works of living female composers – Oak Bay News

“[Emily Doolittle’s Field Guide is] an extremely enjoyable piece … which was played with dedication and consummate artistry.” “Throughout the work, as indeed throughout the evening, they imbued the music with captivating tone colours and first-class ensemble.” – Oak Bay Summer Serenade 2017 – Reviewed by Deryk Barker

“The balance and blend of the three instruments [in the Beethoven]…was exemplary.” “The trio [by Jennifer Higdon] … was played with total conviction and control, from its intense opening to the tranquil close.” – Oak Bay Summer Serenade 2015 – Reviewed by Deryk Barker